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May 30th 2024

Tips for getting out and this summer

It is important to consider extra self-care for you and your mobility scooter, as the warmer weather invites us to go outside more. Below are some simple, helpful tips to stay safe this summer.  

Consider your own well-being before going outside, here are three actions you can take to protect your own personal well-being when going out and around this summer on your mobility scooter. 

1) Stay Hydrated

Keep in mind to stay hydrated to remain cool when exposing yourself to the sun when you’re outside in the hot weather. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep healthy and keep a refillable water bottle on you to avoid dehydration.

2) Protect Yourself from The Sun

It is also crucial to remember to protect yourself from the sun, you can do this by applying sun cream throughout the day and consider wearing items of clothing that will keep you cool and provide protection. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothes and a wide- brimmed hat that shades your face, eyes, head, ears and neck.

3) Plan your schedule

To avoid unnecessary time spent in the sun, adapt your route. Make changes to your journey take short cuts, take frequent breaks and opt for shorter journeys. Choose your route that will offer lots of shade and keep in mind choosing your journey times when the sun is less intense.

Now you have considered these three simple tips to keep safe, put them in practice alongside keeping your mobility scooter’s health in top condition. Here are some tips to consider keeping those journeys on your mobility comfortable, smooth and safe.

1) Battery health

It is essential to keep on top of checking your mobility scooter is operating correctly and safely. Make sure your battery is fully charged before getting on the move as they may drain faster during the heat.

2) Check your breaks

Another thing to keep in mind is that your breaks are operating correctly by testing them to assure there are no mechanical faults or obstructions that will affect your safety. This can be done by driving your scooter in a quiet area, on a flat surface and applying the breaks lightly. If the breaks aren’t working properly, you will notice that you start to gain speed without the ability to come to a stop. If this is the case, then we encouraged to get your breaks professionally serviced. Click the link to make an enquiry about getting your scooter repaired or serviced.

3) Test the tyre pressure

Test the tyre pressure is the correct level as the heat causes them to expand, you should ensure they are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. With these regular checks this will help your tyres last longer and improve its performance. This should be done on a monthly basis and can either be done at home or at a tyre pressure machine.

4) Store in Shaded Areas

We need to protect ourselves from the sun, so it is important to put the same care into our scooters. Overexposing your mobility scooter to the sun will affect the scooters battery and reduce their life span. It will also affect the look of your scooter and fade the paint. So, therefore when parking and storing your scooter try to avoid areas that aren’t shaded and cover it from harmful UV rays.

5) Inspection

An Overall inspection should also be performed to see if you can spot any small damages that you might have not noticed but could cause some issues from the heat. Having these inspections is the best way to make sure your mobility scooter is working properly and identify issues that need a quick fix and more affordable before they develop into more serious issues.

By taking these tips to care for your well-being and maintain good health for your mobility scooter you should be all set to have an enjoyable, safe summer and make the most of the good weather.