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Frequently Asked Questions

To become a dealer, you will need to follow the simple steps here to get started.

Depending on the membership plan that you have set your account up on, will automatically take a small percentage from each sale. Visit the 'Become a Dealer' section here to find out more.

Becoming authenticated with gives buyers the peace of mind that the mobility scooters displayed on our website are of high quality and meet industry standards. The authentication process is a relatively simple process and we aim to authenticate sellers within 72 hours of application.

If your application has been rejected, you will be provided with feedback as to the reason for this. You may apply again when you have corrected and responded to this feedback, by getting in touch with us via the Contact Us page here.

No, you will not need to have your mobility scooters professionally photographed to sell on mobility Just make sure that all photographs clearly show the scooter and any imperfections which might be on the vehicle.

We ask each dealer to provide a level of servicing before selling on our marketplace.

To make sure that is a safe place to buy and sell, we have specific policies that everyone needs to follow. If you're experiencing a problem with a buyer because they are not following our policies, please let our support team know by contacting us here, and we will look into it.

If the buyer cancels a sale or changes their mind, a refund would be dependent on the returns, refunds and cancellations policy that you set out in your account.

Once a purchase is made, the buyer will be able to choose the delivery option most suitable for them. You will receive contact details for the buyer to ensure that the item is received to the buyer's satisfaction. You will also be able to request a review from the buyer.

You are responsible for delivering a sale, whether this be a collection or delivery. In your account you will able to set delivery options which suit your needs. Top tip : Delivery is sometimes key to making a sale!

Yes, we require for you to make an account to purchase a product. In your account you will be able to manage purchases and gather information about returns.

All dealers set their delivery options within their account. All of our dealers go through a rigorous verification process and therefore we are confident they will ship the mobility scooter to you safely. Please always check delivery terms and conditions before purchasing.

Each dealer will include their own returns policy, please see the dealer's individual profile for more information. Rest assured, can support you to ensure all returns policies are abided to.

You will qualify for VAT relief if your mobility scooter is designed not to exceed 4 mph and is intended for use on the pavement. Class 3 Mobility Scooters ‘Over 4mph and road legal’ can be bought VAT-free if they are designed solely for disabled people.

All pricing on is without VAT as the vast majority of our customers will qualify for VAT relief. When you are at checkout you will be prompted to fill in a VAT relief declaration for the end user of the mobility scooter.

To make sure that is a safe place to buy and sell, we have specific policies that everyone needs to follow. If you're experiencing a problem with a seller because they are not follow our policies, please let our support team know by contacting us here, and we will look into it.

We accept all major credit and debit cards on our platform.

Each dealer will have their own returns policy which we would advise you read before making a purchase. We will always try to find a solution between a dealer and seller if you are not happy so please get in touch with our team by contacting us here.

If your item hasn't arrived, please get in touch with your seller and our support team as soon as possible so we can look into this for you.

You can only drive a class 3 mobility scooter on the road with a maximum speed of 8mph. Class 2 mobility scooters cannot be used on the road and can only used be on the pavement.

We recommend getting your mobility scooter serviced yearly to help avoid breakdowns and ensure your scooter is in top working order. To find out more about servicing please click here

Each dealer will offer their own standard of aftercare, so it is important to consider this when choosing your scooter.

We can arrange for a repair to be carried out by a professional technician UK wide, however we do not ship individual parts.

To sell your mobility scooter, follow the simple steps here.

All sellers are responsbile for the shipping and delivery of the mobility scooters sold.

Yes of course. We understand situations can change and therefore we offer to buy your mobility scooter and list this on your behalf. Find out more here.

You will receive proceeds of your quote or sale on our platform by same day transfer. We will only transfer funds as a minimum when the buyer has received the product. Any transfer may also be dependent on how soon the quality checks can be competed. After we receive your quote request, we will work as quickly as possible for qualifying mobility scooters to ensure you receive the agreed proceeds of your sale.