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Show Less is the first online marketplace for mobility scooters. We are dedicated to helping customers find reputable local dealers for buying and selling a variety of new and used scooters.

We aim to showcase local dealers who want to increase their company reputation, presence and online sales, whilst also offering a range of trusted servicing & repair options and access to quality UK based suppliers to suit your needs.

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This is our in-house dealership. In-house we have 20 years of expierence and a multifunction warehouse that is well stocked and that support's our network of dealers.


We aim to ship your product as soon as practicably possible. Next day deliver is the quickest possibility apart from Pickup which should be available immediately.

You should aim to receive your shipping order within 3 working days and no later than 5 working days.

We will communicate with you to ensure you know your product will arrive

Orders can be placed at any time in the day

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Delivered to your door within 3-5 working days