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Feb 8th 2023

How to keep warm on a mobility scooter

When you’re on your mobility scooter, particularly in the winter months, your body might start to feel a little chilly, especially when you’ve been sitting for a while. It’s important to look after yourself and to be prepared by investing in items that can keep your whole body warm - from winter woollies to heat warmers and hot water bottles.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some simple tips for things you can wear to help make your journey comfortable and cosy on the coldest days the British winter can throw at us.

Wear a hat and earmuffs

Try to find a wooly hat or a pair of earmuffs that are well insulated, waterproof and cosy at the same time. Earmuffs will protect your ears from the biting wind while a hat will prevent heat from escaping from your head - while also keeping the wind at bay.

Some hats come with flaps that serve the same purpose as a pair of earmuffs - so why not make your purchase a clever one and solve two problems in one go?

Invest in a warm scarf

Scarves can be fashionable, relieve neck pain and most importantly, help to keep you warm. If your face is feeling the cold, you can wrap your scarf around your mouth and nose to keep the warmth in. If your home is also feeling the chill, then you can always wear your scarf indoors until your heating kicks in.

Throw on a cosy blanket 

Depending on the weather, a waterproof or thick blanket can help to insulate your body. When searching for the perfect blanket, there’s a whole plethora of options for you to choose from, which is why it’s important to do your research first. Try to find one that is large enough to wrap around you twice and can keep the warmth in even if it becomes wet. Blankets can also help to provide additional comfort on your mobility scooter, making a long journey even more enjoyable.

Wrap up in a thick coat  

This one may seem obvious, but it’s important to have a thick winter coat in your wardrobe. Try to find one that’s practical and will keep you warm. Aim for a coat that’s waterproof, thick and no longer than mid-length so that it doesn’t limit your ability to manoeuvre your scooter or interfere with the wheels.

Don’t forget those thermals  

One of the best ways to keep the heat in is to wear thermals. Not only do thermals add an extra layer of comfort to your journey, but they can also help to control your body temperature. There’s a whole range of thermals to choose from, including different materials and thicknesses - allowing you to tailor your outfit to suit the conditions outside.

Try an electric hot water bottle  

Hot water bottles aren’t just for bedtime - they soothe back pain and can offer some much needed warmth when you leave your home. Modern electric hot water bottles can be charged at home using a USB cable and deliver soothing warmth for up to two hours. This clever device can really make a difference when you need to keep warm on your mobility scooter on long journeys during the winter months.  

Purchase heat warmers  

There’s a whole myriad of heat warmers available for you to choose from. Heat warmers work immediately and can keep you warm for up to two hours. They are small, easy to keep in your pockets and deliver heat quickly if your hands are feeling the chill. Heat warmers can also be used to ease muscle aches and relax your feet if they become cold.  

Protect your hands with a warm pair of gloves  

Padded gloves or mittens are very effective at keeping your hands warm, however they’re not always the most practical of clothing items when using a phone or eating food. If you want gloves that work well with your phone, then purchase a pair that are slim fit and include thermal touch. If your hands are prone to becoming particularly cold when you're outdoors, then consider wearing thermal gloves with waterproof gloves over the top for extra warmth and comfort. If you want to try something a little different, you could even invest in a luxurious pair of heated gloves.  

Keep the cold away from your feet with winter boots  

When on the hunt for winter boots, compromises have to be made. Often you’ll find yourself debating between comfort, style and durability. This is why, when purchasing a pair, you should always remember that winter boots are primarily there to keep you warm. You’ll be thanking them when you’re outside - especially if it decides to snow. Try and choose a pair that is water-resistant, well insulated and comfy. Boots that can withstand the elements better will often last longer as well.  

Layer up your socks

On a cold day, your feet will always be prone to chills. The colder the weather, the more your feet will feel the effects - which is why double layering your socks can really help to insulate your feet. Don’t layer up too much however, otherwise your feet won’t feel comfortable inside your boots and could become cramped. Instead, wear a thin pair of socks underneath, with woolen socks on top for added warmth.  

Keeping yourself warm on your mobility scooter will not only make you feel more comfortable when you venture out in the colder months, but it will also make your time out more enjoyable. Why not give some of our recommendations a try and see how much of a difference they make to your journey.