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Feb 9th 2023

5 things to consider before buying a small mobility scooter

There are many reasons that you might be considering a small mobility scooter. Whether you are looking for something lightweight or easier to manoeuvre, there are many different things to bear in mind when choosing the right size mobility scooter for you.

With so many mobility scooters on the market, making a knowledgeable decision requires research which is why we have put together five top tips to help you when purchasing small mobility scooters in the UK. 

Is the motor powerful enough for you?  

When it comes to small mobility scooters, it’s important that you explore the size of the motor it comes with. With a variety of motors out there, the correct size will depend on your daily

requirements. Whilst small mobility scooters benefit from being lightweight and very portable, they are limited in the distance they can travel. If you plan to do daily journeys within your local community and visit the shops, a 230W motor would be your best bet.

Can you dismantle your mobility scooter easily?  

Being able to dismantle or fold up your small mobility scooter easily is a key benefit when deciding which one to opt for. The easier it is to dismantle and put back together, the more freedom and flexibility it will allow. By being able to disassemble your scooter, you will be able to store it easily as well as fit it in the boot of a car. This allows you to be more independent and travel to places you may not be able to without this style of mobility scooter.

Confirm the weight of your mobility scooter  

If your mobility scooter is too heavy, then not only will you struggle to lift it, but it may limit where you can travel with it. On the other hand, the lighter your mobility scooter, the less passenger weight it can withstand. Its lightweight construction means that the distance you will be able to travel without having to charge the batteries again will be greater. Consider your weight and what you intend to carry on it - if you plan on regularly picking up heavy shopping, for example, ensure the weight load can accommodate for this. 

Take into account your personal needs 

Before deciding on the small mobility scooter that you are going to purchase, it’s important to make sure you take into account your own personal needs. It can be easy to get swayed by things such as the look of the scooter, the price, or how fast it goes, but you need to ensure it ticks all boxes rather than just one. Take into consideration storage options and think about whether you will need more legroom or a certain type of seat.

Consider the types of journeys you are going to make  

The types of journeys you are going to make on your mobility scooter will hugely influence your decision on which small mobility scooter you go for. If you are going to be driving for longer distances, research which ones have a better range, or if you are looking to manoeuvre around tight spaces, see which is the most agile. Make a list of the journeys you will likely take in a week and how far they are to see which factors you need to be looking out for. 

If you are planning on making short trips, travelling on smooth terrain, driving around your local community and planning to travel with one in your car, then a small mobility scooter is an effortless choice. We have a wide range of small mobility scooters in the UK that are designed with you in mind. Check out our full range and find out more information here.