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Apr 28th 2023

Need mobility scooter insurance? Here‘s everything you need to know!

The benefits of mobility scooters are endless and they are used by millions of people on a daily basis who experience difficulty with walking. They provide a reliable source of transportation and a fantastic way to gain more independence. Mobility scooters can be used as and when you need them and with such a large variety of scooters to choose from, you can find one that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Whilst insuring your mobility scooter is not required under UK law, it is certainly advised and many owners find peace of mind knowing that their scooter is insured - especially if it is of high value and used frequently.

The type of insurance policy you take out is decided by the type of mobility scooter you own. There are three main types of mobility scooter; boot, class 2 and class 3.

Boot scooters

Boot scooters are the perfect choice for somebody who is able to drive or be driven and needs a scooter that can support them on the go. Compact and portable, these scooters fold down or dismantle and can fit conveniently in the boot of a car so that you can access mobility help wherever you are. Boot scooters are not suitable for roads and the distance they can travel per charge is less than other scooter options on the market, but they are considered a great option due to their flexibility.

Class 2 scooters

Class 2 scooters or pavement scooters, as they are more commonly referred to, can only be used on pavements. While you can only use the scooter on the road when crossing, you don’t actually have to register these scooters with the DVLA. Most pavement scooters are limited to 4mph, perfect for suburbs and town centres. 

Class 3 scooters

Class 3 scooters are widely known as road scooters and are designed for people who take longer journeys. Limited to 8 mph and more powerful than alternative scooter options, they can also be used on the pavement but at a maximum speed of 4 mph. In order to use a class 3 scooter you must be registered with the DVLA, although you do not need to hold a UK driving licence. 

The benefits of taking out mobility scooter insurance

Liability cover

While accidents involving mobility scooters are rare, protecting yourself financially in the event of something happening is a responsible decision. If you damaged another vehicle, you would be liable for any expensive repair costs - so having the security of liability cover can help you feel more confident when out and about. 

24/7 breakdown recovery

Insurance providers understand the importance of mobility scooters and just how much people rely on them. That’s why many insurers provide the option of 24 hour breakdown recovery. With this level of cover in place, you no longer have to worry about being left stranded should your scooter develop a fault while you’re out and about.

Theft and vandalism

In the unlikely event of theft or vandalism, protecting your scooter is a decision that may save you from an expensive replacement or repair. Most insurance policies cover theft and vandalism, so you don’t have to worry about a sizable cost that could negatively affect your finances.

Repair costs covered

Mobility scooter insurance covers the repair of your scooter in the event of damage or fault, as well as the replacement of your mobility scooter if necessary. Repairs and replacements can be expensive, so protecting yourself financially is a good idea. 

When making any big purchase such as investing in a new car or house, you always protect it with the right level of insurance. Giving your mobility scooter the same cover is a responsible decision, providing you with complete peace of mind and confidence when you’re out and about.